Boot Print Kit


A fresh set of Santa's boot prints in your living room Christmas morning will convince even the most skeptical Santa is real. Kit includes: 

Santa’s Boot Print Stencils

Right and left Boot Print stencils to use for creating the Perfect Boot Print impression for the snow Santa tracked in from the North Pole.

Santa’s Magical Snow Crystals

Is white snow mixed with Glittering “Ice Crystals” taken directly from the North Pole that you sprinkle over Santa’s Boot stencils to create a truly magical effect. The “Snow Crystals” will make 10 to 12 Boot Print impressions. 

Complete Instructions

For creating Santa’s perfect set of Boot Prints.

A Special Gift of True Christmas Magic!

Make this holiday truly special by surprising your children with the evidence Santa left behind from his magical visit! Watch their eyes light up when they wake up on Christmas morning to find all of the clues left behind, and “knowing” Santa really did visit! You will have fun staging the perfect Christmas morning scene that your kids will remember for a lifetime!