Santa Evidence Kits. Prove Santa is real with Santa Proof kits.

Create a Memory that will Last a Lifetime!

Proof of Santa's Magical Visit!

Create the Perfect Scene With Santa's Official Evidence Kits.

A Special Gift of True Christmas Magic!

Make this holiday truly special by surprising your children with the evidence Santa left behind from his magical visit!  Watch their eyes light up when they wake up on Christmas morning to find all of the clues left behind, and “knowing” Santa really did visit!  You will have fun staging the perfect Christmas morning scene that your kids will remember for a lifetime!

Santa Proof Kits

Our grandaughter still talks about the morning she found Santa's footprints in the living room years later!

Glenn - Louisville, KY

Thanks Santa Proof for extending my 12-year-old's belief in Santa just one more year. It was magical.

Dan & Susan - Floyds Knobs, Indiana

This is absolutely wonderful. My 7-year-old looked so confused and excited at the same time!

Barbara - Seattle, WA

I couldn't wait until Christmas morning. Today, Jackson is writing a letter to Santa and plans to mail back his sleigh license. Priceless! Thanks guys, love it!!!

Bob & Marian - Lincoln, NE

The best thing I have seen in a while. My kids are grown but bought 3 kits for each home with grandkids. Can't wait for them to tell me all about it.

Granny Loretta - Orlando, FL

Mom, is Santa REALLY real?