About Us

The magic of Santa is a Once in a Lifetime experience for a child!

Adults have a tendency to discredit the authenticity of what we deem ‘too good to be true,’ but children will always look for a reason to believe. By fueling their imaginations, we can help shape their future hopes and dreams.

Santa Proof is all about developing products and services for children that prolong the magic of Christmas through the kindness, generosity, and wholesomeness of our favorite holiday figure, Santa Claus. 

Children desperately want to believe in Santa Claus, but they often encounter various reasons not to. The Santa Proof Evidence Kit is perfect for a child that needs help restoring their belief in Santa Claus, providing you with all the tools necessary to inspire the magic of believing. With the Santa Proof Evidence Kit, you can set the perfect stage for your child to find evidence of Santa on Christmas morning! Every kit is shipped in discreet packaging to avoid suspicion from a curious child.

"I received the kit this morning, thank you so much - it's brilliant!!! I thought the letters (letter from Santa) were the best I had seen but this (Santa Evidence Kit) is absolutely the best!! Thank you so much. I have to say of all the money I spent on toys & presents this year, definitely the money spent on the Santa Evidence Kit was the best spent! I think I'm worse than the children..." -Wendy CJ - Dublin, Ireland

Need even more ‘proof” of Santa?! Our Santa Proof Boot Print Kit comes with boot stencils and “snow crystals” to make up to 12 boot prints. On Christmas morning, see excitement and joy on the faces of your child as they discover evidence that Santa really was there! Every Santa Proof Boot Print Kit will be shipped in discreet packing to avoid suspicion from a curious child.

At Santa Proof, we are grandparents and parents to children of all ages and we thoroughly enjoy what we do! Seeing the excitement and wonder of our own children, and hearing from others about the excitement our Santa Proof Evidence Kit inspired in their children, provides us with a higher level of delight and fulfillment each year as we anxiously await the arrival of Santa Claus. The enjoyment of helping others relive that magic each Christmas season is indescribable for us all.

Thank you for visiting Santa Proof, and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We enjoy hearing from you!

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