As a child, did you ever find your presents from Santa Claus?  Today we talk about our experiences when Kris Kringle makes an error and we have to do St. Nick damage control.

Now, we don’t share these stories to make you paranoid in the days leading up to Santa’s big show. We share them as a warning.Though some of these stories may make you giggle in spite of yourself, because you can see how easily it can happen to any well-intentioned Santa Claus.

Again, I turned to my friends for stories about Santa's missteps that they experienced as a kid, or as a parent.

The most common issue that I heard is about kids that find their Santa gifts. Some were snooping. And some found them by accident.

AnneMarie and her brother were playing hide and seek in their basement a few weeks before Christmas when they stumbled across wrapped presents from Santa hidden away.

And Konni had gone into her mother’s closet to get slippers when she caught sight of the She-Ra Castle that was on the top of her list. She says her heart sank. But she didn’t say a word. Sure enough Santa left the castle under her tree. That is when she knew. She was heartbroken but never let on that she knew the truth.

And sometimes kids go snooping.  Diane would tell her children they could “find the gifts, and they could look at them, but that Christmas morning would not be much fun.” And from the snoopers I have talked to, that is exactly what happens! Maura and her sister Kelly went snooping one year and were able to sneak a peek at their gifts, “It was such a disappointment on Christmas morning. We were never tempted to peak again.” She shared.

So we refer back to our Finding Presents blog from earlier this year for some good suggestions on new hiding places if you think you might need one!

But presents aren’t the only evidence Santa can leave around your house. Emily was doing her mother’s laundry one day when she came across her letters to Santa in her mothers sock drawer.

Some of my favorite stories were about well-intentioned fathers that dressed up as Santa. Here is a warning: Your kids will figure this one out! 

Leslie’s dad dressed up as Santa Claus for a party when she was a child. You know what gave him away? His Christmas socks!  When she recognized them she asked, “Why is Daddy dressed as Santa?” She says this was the beginning of her Santa skepticism.

Paige’s dad tried to pass off as Santa by “breaking in” through her room. He was dressed as Santa, but his British accent gave him away.  Paige yelled, “Dad, get out!” Her sister chimed in telling him she was afraid he would scare away the real Santa! So at least this experience didn’t ruin Santa for her!

And sometimes, the present isn’t just right. In the 70s. Jerry asked for a Johnny Bench Batter Up. Jerrys says while he could catch, but he needed extra practice hitting. When Christmas came, Santa brought him a pitch back instead. Santa, of all people, would know the difference.

Then there were the kids that caught their parents red handed on Christmas Eve. This is my nightmare. I leave the TV on, and freeze any time I think I hear a noise in the house (and I always think I hear a noise).

Christmas was always magical for CoCo and her twin sister. She even remembers hearing sleigh bells and hooves on Christmas Eve! Until the Christmas her parents bought the girls a drum kit and a Casio. They could hear their parents setting them up. What do we learn from this story? Drums, and especially cymbals, are not a quiet set up!!

Angela and her brother woke up at 5 am one Christmas, excited to go find their gifts, only to find her parents were still setting things up. Oops!

Just remember, if mishaps happen, kids will believe what they want to believe. I was never ready to give up Santa Claus, so even when I knew it didn’t make sense, anything my parents told me to explain it away that was pro Santa, I would have accepted.

Case in point is Kristeena. Her Santa mystique was almost ruined on Easter! Her mom forgot to hide the Easter Baskets, so reality hit her abruptly. She was so angry she started to cry. Then her mom brought up Santa (thinking she should just come clean about everything, I assume) Kristeena yelled at her to just stop. She didn’t want to know and deal with more heartbreak.

So good luck to all of the Santas out there as we prepare to make the day magical!


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