Santa’s visit is an event which sparks joy in the hearts of children all over the world. With him is the anticipation of a magical visit one night a year, but memories for a lifetime. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create the perfect scene and provide your children with the hope of blessing. 

1. Cookies and Milk

    A time honored tradition, everyone can get into. Whether you put out Soy, Almond or 2%, Santa will always have time to at least take a bite out of a cookie and drink a little milk.


    This is also a great area to also set out something else of his that he may have left behind. Like the glove and glasses from the Santa Proof Evidence Kit


    2. Snowy Footprints

    Santa doesn’t have time to dust off his feet after coming down the chimney, so here you can set up the perfect scene by laying down the Santa Proof Boot Stencils. Be careful the “SC” is not backward for each foot. Take out the “Snow Crystals” and generously sprinkle them over the stencils - be careful to stay within the stencil. 


    3. Don’t Have a Chimney

    No chimney? Actually, you don’t need one. Santa’s visit can easily be explained by his MAGIC!

     For example, if your children are fans of the Narnia series, Santa can visit from a closet or nearby wardrobe. If you live in an apartment, consider the balcony or fire escape. If your child has a difficult time believing, having snowy footprints coming in through a door is just fine too. In some cases, it’s easier for a child to fathom the existence of Santa when they can see evidence of his arrival and departure. 


    4. Leave Breadcrumbs to Follow

    Scattering a few bits of proof of Santa’s existence will bring squeals of delight at their discovery.

    Here are a few items you can leave out:

    Have Fun with It! 

      Remember, this isn’t meant to be a chore, but the building of a memory for years to come. The scene should be inviting, exciting, and most of all spark the imagination. Don’t worry about perfection. Christmas is a season of joy, so make it Joy-Full!