While it seems that  the world can’t seem to agree on much in 2020, it sure has been a year none of us will soon forget. And while there are days we might like to erase it all from our minds, this time in the world will go down in history. Someday your children’s grandchildren will be marveling at their stories of life during the COVID -19 pandemic.

So it seems fitting to include some Christmas gifts that help us reflect on this unusual time. Something that makes us smile when we see it each year and say, “Remember when…” while we muse about the strangeness of it all.

In our home, we add ornaments each year that tells a story of the year it was purchased. While we unwrap each ornament as we trim the tree, we reminisce about the tale it tells. We remember vacations, or hobbies (some of which came and went) or other accomplishments.

Luckily there are some fun options that commemorate both the humorous and the serious aspects of this year’s circumstances.

At the mere suggestion of a pandemic, toilet paper flew off the shelves. I remember people posting on our community Facebook pages when they found toilet paper in a store, so those that had not hoarded 100 rolls could run out and build their collection. And prices online seemed to soar!

I remember thinking, “What? Why?” But we have all seen the videos of people flocking to the store before predicted blizzards, or tropical storms, grabbing all of the bread and toilet paper. I think it soothes many people to make sure they are stocked up in times of uncertainty. 

So I was delighted by this toilet paper pyramid ornament! I think it is the perfect way to remember 2020 -  with a much needed chuckle. Could you imagine the stampede you would have had in April if you would have had a display of toilet paper like this?

While our family still likes to exchange actual toilet paper as a joke, a roll of toilet paper is fleeting. A Christmas ornament lives on for years!

This ornament is from the A Christmas Shoppe on Etsy and they will personalize it with your family name. You can find it here.

If you would prefer to celebrate THE fashion trend of 2020, A Christmas Shoppe also has you covered there too. The 2020 Mask Ornament! It has plenty of room for your personal message about 2020. Or simplify it with your name and the year. With the potential of lockdowns looming, I like their suggestion of, “All masked up and no place to go.” But in the spirit of the season of celebrations I am partial to  “2020: We made it through!” You can order your own Christmas ornament mask here. Let’s have some fun: comment below with what you would write on this mask.

Our first responders and essential workers shined in 2020, working tirelessly to serve the needs of their community. In a time when we were all encouraged to stay home, they walked into the fire so the rest of us could get food, police service and medical care. Never miss the opportunity to tell them that we appreciate this.

A Christmas Shoppe offers a wide range of Christmas tree ornaments that can be personalized for your favorite Front Line worker. This one is a favorite because it can be used for any essential worker.

This ornament gives children a great opportunity to play, “Santa” too. It can really help them to feel the magic of giving.  We have a special clerk at our local pharmacy that always remembers my son and his jokes. So he would like to sneak in on a day she’s working, and slip this on her counter along with a gift card. He hopes that each year when she puts it on her tree she will remember she is appreciated.

These were just a few of my favorites. You can check out the entire line of quarantine ornaments here.

Another trend we saw in 2020 was an uprise in pet fostering and adoptions. Many people saw the quarantine as the perfect time to stay home and train a new family member. And let's face it, quarantine with a furry friend is a lot more fun. Pets can reduce stress and anxiety, which many saw plenty of this year. So it was a wonderful silver lining to a rather hazy year!

This might be your favorite way to remember the year: the year your family grew by four feet! If you are over masks and toilet paper, you may prefer to think of 2020 as the year of the dog (or cat).

My family was part of this trend. Not only have we had at least three foster greyhounds this year, we adopted a chihuahua X puppy in the early months of our quarantine. She made life so much more fun! So while looking through the ornaments offered by A Christmas Shoppe I found one that looks just like her! And just like when I first met my Luna, I couldn’t  resist it. See the comparison photos? The only difference is the ornament Luna seems to like the hat a little better!

Find an ornament that reminds you of your cat or dog here.

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