Keep 'em believin' series Part VIII


Are your kids’ belief in Santa teetering? Sooner or later every child will question their belief in Santa. And eventually it will necessarily evolve into something else. But extending the magic helps to create strong traditions that your whole family will look back on fondly, for the rest of their lives.

Santa was so enchanting to me growing up, that even when I figured out he wasn’t a physically real being, I still embraced the spirit. And to this day I do not believe I have ever told my mom I don’t believe in Santa. Because I still do!

The same is true with my children. We have SO much fun that we all keep the magic going. My older children know the score now, but will still refer to Santa as a real being.

My youngest is 10-years-old. So we are on the cusp. He asks a lot of questions. And he likes to fancy himself a detective.  So we might be able to buy good ol’ St. Nick a year or two with some good, hard evidence.

 Santa Proof: Evidence Kits to Keep the Belief 

With my youngest son in mind, I was so excited when I received my evidence kits. I excitedly showed them to my oldest child and my husband. I think my teenager wished we had ordered this way back when she was a kid! 

Back then (about 5-10 years ago) the kids would get personalized letters sent from Santa. And while they are special keepsakes of holidays past, kids are growing up in a digital age. They know it would be fairly easy to print out an official letter from any printer from anyone.

But all of the evidence included in this kit is more than I could ever make via my home computer which automatically makes it more real..

There are three different kits available:

The Santa Proof Boot Print Kit:

What is more exciting then spotting glistening boot prints across the floor! Santa Claus tracked in snow straight from the North Pole. And his boot soles are even monogrammed with “SC” so we can be sure it was the big guy himself!

 This kit includes:

  • Boot stencils (one right foot, one left foot).
  • Magical Snow Crystals to sprinkle over the stencils (which makes 10-12 booth prints).
  • Complete instructions.

This could not be easier to use! The snow glistens ever so slightly, and can be easily vacuumed up.

The Santa Proof Evidence Kit

What would your child do if he could touch and feel some of Santa’s very own personal effects, items that he left behind as he hurried to continue on his journey around the Earth. If you think this would excite them, then this kit is for you:

This kit includes: 

  • An authentic sleigh license. This license is coated just like a driver's license and they don’t miss a detail. There is an alert that this driver needs corrective lenses, and lists requirements for the class of sleigh Santa can drive. I had fun checking out all the details that made this so much more real to my son.
  • Santa’s white gloves and glasses. Who can’t relate to leaving gloves and glass somewhere. I know I can! And, the glasses match those found in the sleigh license.
  • "The Best Decorated Tree" ribbon that Santa will hang on the tree before he leaves.
  • A gold embossed thank you card that Santa leaves for the snacks that were left out. And it is signed by Santa himself!
  • Complete instruction on how to make the most of this kit.

This is the kit I have been having fun with all season.  I constructed a small scavenger hunt using a few of the items to kick off the Christmas spirit and then whisked items away again so they seem like something out of a dream for my son. They will return on Christmas.

Although full disclosure: the sleigh license is laying on the floor of the hall. It is on the way my son will have to take to the bathroom. He tried to refuse to do his math lesson yesterday, so I needed to remind him that Santa is watching! I am excitedly waiting for him to stumble across it.

The Santa Proof Deluxe Evidence Kit

 This has all of the items from both kits. And honestly, this is the kit I would recommend. This has everything you need to give your kids proof Santa brought those gifts under your tree. And the items will last for years to come. When the snow crystals run out I will simply reorder the Boot Print Kit.

Seeing proof will fuel your children’s imaginations and help them continue to embrace the kindness, the magic, and the generosity that is Santa Claus. 

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus 

And when they persist with questions, remember the words that the New York Sun wrote for Virginia O'Hanlon in 1897. “No Santa Claus?” they write. “Thank God he lives and lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay 10 times 10,000 years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.”

Making this heartwarming story a part of the transition of belief of the man to the belief of the spirit and heart of Santa. You can read the story here. Or have an elf read it for your family here.


For more proof that Santa is real, pick up one of our magical Santa Proof Kits.