Oh what a joyful and stressful time! We parents, at Santa Proof and beyond, strive to bring our kids not only the best gifts, but ones that will have a lasting positive impact. The struggle is real! Am I right? 

Wouldn't it be helpful if someone put together a list of gifts that make children happy, but also help them grow? Gifts that make you know you've given something that will positively impact your child for years to come? Who could do that?... Us. We did that, just for you. Merry Christmas!


1. Online Reading Library

  There's so many to choose from now! However, we've provided some paid and free services which may be available through your local library. 

Epic is an online library with over 25,000 books, videos, graphic novels, and more! It's the leading digital library for kids 12 and under. Available on Apple and Android devices as well as desktop Website.

Or, if you're looking for an app, consider Skybrary! Based on the popular children's television series, Reading Rainbow, Skybrary is available on iPhone, iPad, and google play. 

 A classic for anyone who's picked up one of their magazines. Whether you purchase a subscription or get their app, Highlights is a great choice for any child. 


2. Subscription Kits

These kits are sent once a month and help your child discover the joy of Art, Science, Mechanics, Electronics and more!

Here's an example of one of their kits! However, they have kits for every age group and interest, so don't let this one intimidate you. 


This company sends out a kit each month that teaches electronics. It's definitely for older kids, but very well done with online support and video tutorials. 


3. Imagination and Play driven

Kids need more than just lessons on how to build things and read! They need the opportunity to play and use their imaginations! Here's some tools (From Melissa & Doug) to help them do that:

  • Role Play Costume Sets



  • Puppets 


  • Musical Instruments


4. A Yearlong Pass to A Children's Museum

If you're lucky enough to live near one of these learning palaces, you've got a win for any boring raining afternoon. They're full of culture, learning opportunities, and fun play areas for kids! If you're planning to visit a city that has one, make sure to stop at one. Great for kids ages 2-10.